Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why forecasting matters in a hurricane

Someone asked the other day, what good is market analysis now, especially if you couldn't foresee the global recession before it hit?

It's a bit like asking, "What's the point of weather forecasting when the hurricane is already here?"

For those who won't last the hurricane intact, it may not matter. But for those who think they will survive, they want to know how bad things are, how to prioritize, where the bargains may be, and where the new opportunities will be afterward.

Companies are making hard decisions, and they come to us to get another opinion , as an extension to their market development, for financial due diligence, or for the "satellite view" of the landscape.

Even in better times, conditions can change rapidly. There are new demands from customers, new technology solutions, and new competitors. Running a business is a perpetual challenge.

That never changes.

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